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Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne

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Superb Clean cautions flooded wet carpet and underlay can contain mould damage, rodent dander, animal fences, fungus & dust mite faecal bacteria. Flood water damaged carpet which is mouldy needs to be removed. Carpet that has been wet flooding, a broken pipe or a roof leak for more than 24-36 hours should be removed. If flooded carpet stayed wet it's ruined. Now a bio-washing and deodorizing of the underlying floor is necessary to remove any bacteria carried by the flood water. Carpet mould damage occurs in areas subject to wet conditions if emergency commercial carpet water removal service is not done fast. Our hi-tech emergency commercial carpet water removal service equipment is tops in the industry for carpet flood removal service, carpet sewage removal service and carpet mould removal service. Emergency carpet water removal and emergency carpet water damage cleaning by Superb Clean the emergency wet carpet water damage removal service. Call Superb Clean for emergency carpet water removal service when you need an Emergency Wet Carpet Drying & Emergency Wet Carpet Water Damage Removal Company.
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