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Ceiling Cleaning Melbourne

Melbourne Ceiling and Walls Cleaning

The Benefits of Ceiling Cleaning


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1. Improves Appearance

The light reflecting properties are restored to the tile which results in a brightening of the entire room.


2. Saves Money

Ceiling can be cleaned many times for 1/3 the cost of painting and less than 1/5 the cost of replacement.


3. No Business Interruption

Cleaning can be done after hours with no interruption of business. A 100m2 of ceiling can be cleaned in a little as a few hours, where as it would take 3 working days to replace. Also, no lingering odor or mess left behind as with painting.


4. Improves Acoustic Value

Cleaning actually improves the acoustc value of dirty tiles by removing dirt from the pores. Painting destroys the acoustic value by sealing the porous surface of the tile.


5. Improves Fire Rating

Painting can nullify special fire ratings on commercial ceiling tiles. Instead of retarding the spread of flames, paint can actually spread them.


6. Clean and Deodorizes

Odors and bacteria trapped in dirty tiles are neutralized by our cleaning products and methods.


7. Less Time Consuming

It’s less time taking than painting or replacement. Time is Money!


8. Energy Savings

Not only are dirty ceilings unsightly and unsanitary, they can reduce lighting efficiency by over 20-40%. Instead of reflecting light, dirty tiles absorb it, thus requiring more lighting just to maintain the designed level. More energy is required not only for the additional lighting but to offset the heat generated by these lights. Cleaning will restore the ceiling’s original reflecting properties thereby reducing the energy demand.

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